AMUSE ART, Gallery Wilms icw Museum van Bommel van Dam
in Venlo. 65 artists show new small-scale works, all for the price of €350

Opening Friday, May 31, 7:30 PM in the gallery space


Extended Open Studio. 12, 13, 14 july 

Welcome to my ‘extended open studio’ in Eindhoven, at stichting Complex where I live and work.

I show a pilot, a state in process, with the eye on more extensive presentations in 2025.

For the first time I will collaborate with the unique Weverijmuseum in Geldrop.
Namely with Frits van Hoof, jacquard designer, and Gerard Craenen, weaving operator, craftsmen for many years.

The ‘translation’ of my drawings into weaving takes place on a computer-controlled Itema jacquard machine that is quite new at the old Weverij. 

The ‘slow’ making and ‘weaving with lines’ is related to my own daily drawing practice, in which time investment plays a role.

A mix of new and existing work will also be on display and for sale  for you in space.


De Kruisruimte 

Generaal Bothastraat 7E Eindhoven

Opening with summer drinks: july 12, at 17.00.
Open hours: Sat & Sun 13.00-17.00 


new publication Publication L’état dans des circonstances
Edition of 80 – Release: april 2024

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen – Lost Album, Paris, edition of 80 original A3 fullcolour photos + A4 insert
Karin Herwegh – Deux semaines, quatre jours, A4 fanzine, 20 pages, black and white digital print
Danielle Lemaire – il pourrait ne pas disparaître, folded A2 poster, fullcolour digital print
Marc Nagtzaam – Les traits,  2x A2 poster + A4 insert, fullcolour digital print

This publication results from an artist collaboration at Atelier Néerlandais in Paris in 2023, L’état dans des circonstances, based on the collection of Frits Lugt at Fondation Custodia.

Price: € 55,- Order

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At gallery Traits Libres Danielle Lemaire shows works that emerged from several projects she did related to colonial history. There is a focus on narrative drawings based on colonial archive material. One of the things she studied was the wonderful ‘The Song of Saka Ladja’ written by a Dutch priest, Piet Heerkens, based on spiritual songs of the indigenous people of Flores, about the mystical cycles in nature and the universe.

Oh Tina! Before Eulogy  

a site-specific magical performative artproject with Goethe Institute Bandung

supported by Mondriaanfonds International Art Presentation
Installation Danielle Lemaire in Oh Tina! Photo:with curator Suina Latersia

Architect Dea Widya and writer Suina Latersia developed “The Tina and Joi” Trilogy; a fictional story that tells about a young couple struggling in a conflictual marriage and their daily life in the city.

A beautiful former colonial house, home to the Goethe Institute, managed by The Lodge Foundation in the heart of Bandung’s DAGO district, staged the performance-related installations in various media that respond to the story of the mysterious Tina. 

In an artistic re-enactment, the house regains its original status during the project, as the home of the disappeared bride Tina. The multimedia disciplines of the participating artists complement each other, placed in a hybrid route through different rooms in the house.

As the audience enters, they feel Tina’s presence in “traces she left behind” and her spirit hangs in the atmosphere.

I elaborated on the story with a magical installation consisting of large printed 400 cm high endurable textile panels that hung down in the patio. New drawings and real plants from the houses environment were projected via two mobile overhead projectors on the panels. Performative presentations were done two times on 7 nights. The audience became part.

read: Bandung Bergerak article by Awla Rayul / Ahmad Fikri

Veil with printed drawing, background: Kelvin Djunaidi
Artist talk Oh Tina! The Lodge Foundation, Goethe Instituut Bandung,8 nov 2023. (Foto: Syifa Ananda/Bandung Met o.a. Kristofer Svensson, Dea Widya, Asmujo Jono Irianto, Danielle, Ari Adipurwawidjana

Danielle Lemaire

Generaal Bothastraat 5 K


daniellelemairestudio at g mail dot com

record label / publications: Inner Landscapes

skills & experiences 
curator artprogram Extrapool
– guest curator ZUIVER. 2022
– master and yearmaster Kunstpodium T
– private lessons drawing-painting
CKE visual arts, children & adults 
– guest teacher Dutch Design Academy
– guest teacher KSE highschool (2022)
– Vincent’s Tekenlokaal (2018)
– guest Sandberg Dirty Art Dept (2017)
– summerschool Stedelijk Museum
  Breda (2021)
– Cultuur Eindhoven 
– Mondriaanfonds scout Prix de Rome
– Gilbert de Bontridder prijs Art Institute 
  Maastricht (2023)
lectures 2023:
– University of Missouri, MFA (online)
– ROC Koning Willem College, School   
   voor de Toekomst, BLIK, Den Bosch
– Design Academy Eindhoven
– Kopi Kecil, Indisch Atelier, Eindhoven
sound performances
– many occasions 1997 – 2023
I am available for lectures, art education and creating a project especially focused on your space and in collaboration with your organization. *Fair Practise


Drawing and making art is a way to generate energy and consciousness in a world of decay. A way of life.

A memory of happiness and purity can be present in my work.
It can give space for melancholy and contemplation.
Sometimes you find symbolic references to universal undertones.

Nature gives direction and the voices of my (ancestors) parents whisper in my ear.

My drawings in (multimedia) installations often tell about a special history of a place or a special person.
They are part of a greater whole and can coexist with other visual and audio media and third-party collaborations. I always show them in a different special context.

My work is created in a sensitive and organic way, in which time investment plays an important role. It takes a lot of scrolling with elements before the drawing gets concrete form.
I’m looking for inexplicable ‘throbbing’ moments in the studio, when all the elements come together perfectly in magic moments. 

In my drawings shadows of human life become tangible in universal and timeless situations.
In large drawings that coincide with the architecture, or small drawings as momentum and intimate conversation with the subject.

In April 2023 I worked and presented with three other artists from NL at Atelier Néerlandais, Paris, reflecting on the phenomenon of ‘collections’. The first reason for this project was the wonderful collection of Fondation Custioda, which is located in the same building.
In june 2023 the results were part of the Pop Up Expo ‘Members Only’ at Atelier Néerlandais
with Sandra Mackus, Was Getekend

“il pourrait ne pas disparaître“

inspired by the collection of Frits Lugt at Fondation Custodia

I see my love for drawing figurative and natural elements and stories in the drawings of the Custodia Foundation collection. During the working period at Atelier Néerlandais in April, I worked on a collection of ‘miniature drawings’ that took up residence in an antique art nouveau album I found at the flea market. The album is reminiscent of the beautiful folders of drawings Frits Lugt collected for the Custudia Foundation collection.

Sounds & stories of the fathers at Misssiehuis Teteringen

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen & Danielle Lemaire

Release date: 16 october 2022

collaboration brother Wiro, father Wiel and Danielle
Drawing 'They came by boat' & drawings Flowers from the garden of Park Zuiderhout
Father Tony with his panting of a black Jezus, as they know Jezus in Ghana
Father Eef, he worked many years in the Congo, with my drawing 'Longing for Home'
Father Kees Maas and Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen with Christian batik from Flores
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Danielle and father Kees Maas, who worked msny years in Flores, Indonesia
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The workspace of brother Martien, who worked in the Congo and made over 200 bird houses at Park Zuiderhout
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JaDa – De Missie  Residency project

From March 1 to May 31, 2021, JaDa worked at the studio of
AIR De Missie, in nursing home Park Zuiderhout. We lived and worked among the priests and missionaries, who reside there in the last phase of their working lives. We studied the history of the institution and its residents. The former missionaries traveled the world; they worked in Congo, Ghana, the Philippines, Brazil, Papua New Guinea and the Dutch East Indies and have amazing stories. JaDa was also on a mission: the mission to propagate the arts.
A double LP ‘Zij Zoeken Zich Zelf Niet’ next to the book (see top at this page) as a result of the project is in the make.
Also, a few documentary and art movies are in the make. To be released!
Presentation: september, 2022, NEXT, Stedelijk Museum Breda. i.c.w. kunstloc Brabant en Park Zuiderhout.
support JaDa releases: Cultuur Eindhoven and Constant van Renesse Fonds 

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen & Danielle Lemaire
i.s.m. Stedelijk Museum Breda, en Kunstloc Brabant