Agenda 2023

leden expositie 15-16 juni 
21 Rue de Lille, Paris. 
miniature drawings inspired by collection Frits Lugt, fondation Custodia

Danielle Lemaire

Danielle Lemaire maakt tekeningen die ze combineert met multimedia in gelaagde (onderzoek)projecten.
“In steeds een andere context maak ik series kleine of juist grote tekeningen; de kleine benadrukken een intieme/persoonlijke benadering van het onderwerp; de grote vallen samen met de architectuur. Wat eens was, maar verloren ging, is er nog, in een eigen vorm en geest, dat wil ik laten zien. Mijn liefde voor tekenen van figuratieve en natuurlijke elementen en verhalen zie ik terug in de tekeningen van de collectie van de Custodia Foundation. In de werkperiode bij Atelier Néerlandais in april werkte ik aan een collectie  ‘miniatuur tekeningen’ die zijn gaan wonen in een antiek jugendstil album dat ik op de rommelmarkt vond. Het album doet denken aan de prachtige mappen met tekeningen die Frits Lugt bijeen bracht voor de Custudia Foundation collectie.”

In april werkte en presenteerde ik met drie andere kunstenaars uit NL bij Atelier Néerlandais, Parijs, reflecterend op het fenomeen ‘collecties’.
Een eerste aanleiding voor dit project was de collectie van Fondation Custioda, dat zich bevindt in hetzelfde gebouw.
Anton de Komplein 120 Amsterdam
Opening zaterdag 22 juli 13.00
Finissage zaterdag 26 augustus 13.00
Soul carrier 190x115 cm. 2022
drawing 'Back to Earth' 110 x 72 cm, 2022, op Vouch III
tekening 'Diamonds Are Forever' pencil, conté, paper 215x151 cm. 2022
My art practice is supported by the 'Kunstenaar Basis' grant from the Mondriaan Fund.

Sounds & stories of the fathers at Misssiehuis Teteringen

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen & Danielle Lemaire

Release date: 16 october 2022

collaboration brother Wiro, father Wiel and Danielle
Drawing 'They came by boat' & drawings Flowers from the garden of Park Zuiderhout
Father Tony with his panting of a black Jezus, as they know Jezus in Ghana
Father Eef, he worked many years in the Congo, with my drawing 'Longing for Home'
Father Kees Maas and Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen with Christian batik from Flores
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Danielle and father Kees Maas, who worked msny years in Flores, Indonesia
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The workspace of brother Martien, who worked in the Congo and made over 200 bird houses at Park Zuiderhout
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JaDa – De Missie  Residency project

From March 1 to May 31, 2021, JaDa worked at the studio of
AIR De Missie, in nursing home Park Zuiderhout. We lived and worked among the priests and missionaries, who reside there in the last phase of their working lives. We studied the history of the institution and its residents. The former missionaries traveled the world; they worked in Congo, Ghana, the Philippines, Brazil, Papua New Guinea and the Dutch East Indies and have amazing stories. JaDa was also on a mission: the mission to propagate the arts.
A double LP ‘Zij Zoeken Zich Zelf Niet’ next to the book (see top at this page) as a result of the project is in the make.
Also, a few documentary and art movies are in the make. To be released!
Presentation: september, 2022, NEXT, Stedelijk Museum Breda. i.c.w. kunstloc Brabant en Park Zuiderhout.
support JaDa releases: Cultuur Eindhoven and Constant van Renesse Fonds 

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen & Danielle Lemaire
i.s.m. Stedelijk Museum Breda, en Kunstloc Brabant

Recently been

Projectruimte BMB Amsterdam. Werk is nog te koop online:

drawing 'Porter' A3 formaat
The exhibitions at the Brummelkamp gallery consist of work by artists who have already been or will be included in the AMC art collection. Curator and head of the collection: Sabrina Kamstra

text (translated from Dutch) by Menno Dudok van Heel Danielle Lemaire's drawings are composed of separate elements. At first glance, you are looking at an ensemble that on closer inspection is missing pieces or to which artificial elements have been added. A figurative staging of reality and a cabinet of curiosities all in one. These are drawings with a narrative character, but in her work the shadows of human life also become palpable. This is precisely what makes Lemaire an artist of eloquence in the context of the hospital. She manages to capture both the stories that take place here and the invisible, intangible in her compositions. Natural forms and lines recur throughout, such as those of trees or curtains, plants and flowers in bloom or decay. In each medium, her work emerges concentrated, sensitive and organic, with time playing an important role. This gives the work a layered quality and brings it to life. First she paints a number of areas of color on the paper in short, quick gestures. This is followed by the drawing, which often depicts people's clothing, hairstyle and surroundings in rich detail. The origins of these compositions lie in Lemaire's inner world. Evidence of this is the drawing from which the exhibition takes its title: Back to Earth/ Back to Earth. As she herself says, "It would be good if people felt a little more how they relate to the earth. Thus, these works of art can offer visitors to the Brummelkamp Gallery a moment of reflection.
Drawing 'Unhidden' expositie 'Back To Earth' Brummelkamp Galerie, AMC Zieknhuis Amsterdam 2022
drawing Papoea Sister, 215x150 cm, 2022. Stedelijk Museum Breda

Rollong Snowball, Powerlong Art Centre, Xiamen China april-june 2022