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collaboration brother Wiro, father Wiel and Danielle
Drawing 'They came by boat' & drawings Flowers from the garden of Park Zuiderhout
Father Tony with his panting of a black Jezus, as they know Jezus in Ghana
Father Eef, he worked many years in the Congo, with my drawing 'Longing for Home'
Father Kees Maas and Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen with Christian batik from Flores
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Danielle and father Kees Maas, who worked msny years in Flores, Indonesia
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The workspace of brother Martien, who worked in the Congo and made over 200 bird houses at Park Zuiderhout
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JaDa – De Missie  Residency project
From March 1 to May 31, 2021, JaDa worked at the studio of
AIR De Missie, in nursing home Park Zuiderhout. We lived and worked among the priests and missionaries, who reside there in the last phase of their working lives. We studied the history of the institution and its residents. The former missionaries traveled the world; they worked in Congo, Ghana, the Philippines, Brazil, Papua New Guinea and the Dutch East Indies and have amazing stories. JaDa was also on a mission: the mission to propagate the arts.
A double LP ‘Zij Zoeken Zich Zelf Niet’ next to the book (see top at this page) as a result of the project is in the make.
Also, a few documentary and art movies are in the make. To be released!
Presentation: september, 2022, NEXT, Stedelijk Museum Breda. i.c.w. kunstloc Brabant en Park Zuiderhout.
support JaDa releases: Cultuur Eindhoven and Constant van Renesse Fonds 

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen & Danielle Lemaire
i.s.m. Stedelijk Museum Breda, en Kunstloc Brabant

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JaDa double LP 'Zij Zoeken Zich Zelf Niet' Release : September, 2022

sounds & stories of the fathers at Misssiehuis Teteringen

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen & Danielle Lemaire



The record is on its way since sept 2021

The release was planned may 2022

but delivery keeps on being postponed by the company 🙁


All the music and tracks can be listened to in the exhibition ‘Air De Missie-Op Weg Naar Park Zuiderhout’ in Stedelijk Museum Breda coming up, sept-nov 2022 

18 sept 2022- 15 jan 2023

Opening zo 18 sept;
Events 18 sept, 16 okt, 20 nov, 18 dec. Finissage zo 15 jan '23 'Diamonds Are Forever (D.A.F.)', my project in the Hilvaria Studios, Hilvarenbeek is coming up. Diving into the special place and its history, I will make various presentations in multiple rooms and work closely with stakeholders from the region, like amongst more the DAF museum.
Kunst Opdracht supported by the Mondriaan Fund

22 sept 2022- 15 nov 2022 - solo expositie - AMC Brummelkamp Galerie Amsterdam

The exhibitions at the Brummelkamp gallery consist of work by artists who have already been or will be included in the AMC art collection. Curator and head of the collection: Sabrina Kamstra
My art practice is supported by the 'Kunstenaar Basis' grant from the Mondriaan Fund.

september 2022 series of drawings in Hollands Maandblad

The Hollands Maandblad is a literary magazine from the 1950s; the oldest in the Netherlands after de Gids (the Guide). "Where De Gids is now packaged in De Groene Amsterdammer, Hollands Maandblad is still independent. It is printed on beautiful paper and does not want to participate in the race to the bottom in which other magazines have already been drowned. Unlike other literary magazines, there has always been room for drawings. Not as an illustration, but as an independent medium. The drawings do exist throughout the magazine, but the relationship with the texts is purely coincidental. An autonomous selection of their own work is required from the artists." said Steven Boland, designer.

purchased / public collections

The Workshippers/The Disappearing Model. Potlood op papier, 215 x 82 cm. 2014
drawing 'The disappearing model' 84 x 152,5 cm potlood op papier 2014

'The Last Summer' (150 x 200 cm. 2018) purchased by Stedelijk Museum Breda in 2022

De Laatste Zomer, acryl, potlood en conté op papier, 200 x 150 cm (in lijst)

'Antilichaam' (110 x 75 cm. 2018) purchased by Amsterdam UMC in 2022. Will be on view in september 2022 in the Brummelkamp gallery location AMC.

recently been

VOUCH II, Loods 6 Amsterdam, Maart-April 2022

I participated in Vouch II, a special art fair organised by artists themselves, for a selected group of invitees. In this art fair the artists shared their networks and sparked new encounters.The invited guests were able to meet the artists themselves, which made the fair personal and lively. I sold two works; one of them is ‘Antilichaam’ that will be part of the AMC collection of UMC Amsterdam.