Danielle Lemaire (Prinsenbeek, NL, 1967) living and working in Eindhoven, NL, works in different media. She mainly makes drawings with a narrative character, presented in different contexts and mixed installations. In Danielle’s work, shadows of human life become tangible. She delves into the rich history of a unique house, landscape or person. Scenes depicted in her work seem to be in contact with energies that we cannot see with the naked eye in reality. Natural forms and lines keep coming back, such as those of hairs or trees or curtains that line from bottom to top and vice versa, plants and flowers in bloom or decay. In each medium her work is created in in a concentrated, sensitive and organic way, where the investment of time plays an important role. This gives the work a layered quality and brings it to life. Danielle publishes books, prints and audio releases on her label Inner Landscapes on a regular base.

Danielle Lemaire

Generaal Bothastraat 5K

5642 NJ Eindhoven

daniellelemairestudio at g mail dot com

my art practise is supported by the Mondriaan Fund

In my work the relationship with nature, the contemplative and magical plays a leading role. In drawings, soundworks, films and books, organic compositions form routes for energetic streams of thought. The persons or natural elements in my work can function as antennae that communicate with the immediate environment and the universe. They also represent a longing for a parallel world, for a life beyond the known and directly visible; a ghost that appears as a message from a mirror world that seems to have disappeared, but is still there. In Danielle’s work, the viewer recognizes the personal elements and intimate approach of her subjects. And once the viewer steps into her work, it can be taken to unkown worlds in a time-blurring zone. Maybe it offers clearity in the end, in a very complex world based on a tiny planet, where we are all nothing more then cosmic dust.