photo above, Danielle drawing clouds:  by Joris Buijs, 2019.  Expo Elvis Has Left The Building, Kunstloc Brabant Tilburg


Danielle Lemaire (1967)

works in different media. Now she mainly makes drawings with a narrative character, that are presented in different contexts and mixed installations. In Danielle’s work, shadows of human life become tangible. She delves into the rich history of a unique house, landscape or person.
Scenes depicted in her work seem to be in contact with energies that we cannot see with the naked eye in reality. Natural forms and lines keep coming back, such as those of hairs that function as routes for energyflow, trees that line from bottom to top and vice versa, plants and flowers
in bloom or decay.

The persons or natural elements in the drawings can function as antennas that communicate with the immediate environment and the universe. They represent a longing for a lost world and a parallel world, for a life outside the known. 

In each medium her work is created in in a concentrated, sensitive and organic way, where the investment of time plays an important role. This gives the work a layered quality and brings it to life.

She publishes books, prints and audio releases on her label ‘Inner Landscapes’ on a regular base.

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