The title of Danielle Lemaire’s new performance is ‘The winterman is strong, grabs all that she needs, steps on human beings’. This is also the title of one of her very first songs, when she just started, around 1997. Appropriate to go back to, now that we are in such a fast train time where whole volcanoes and earthquakes and floods and diseases are poured out on us.

Her work portrays a longing for a lost world and a parallel world, for a life beyond the known. Personal intimate little stories can become grand, spatial and universal. 

Recently Danielle performed at the Stedelijk Museum Breda in her solo exhibition ‘You Know I Am Not There’ and released a double vinyl 7 inch album ‘Tout N’est-ce que rêve’ – with songs played on a late medieval small harmonium . In may 2022 her LP ‘Zij Zoeken Zich Zelf Niet’ will be released, with spoken word stories by pastors and brothers from the Mission House Sint Franciscus Xaverius in Teteringen and pieces on the organ of the chapel.

Danielle also takes some of her publications (books and music) to De Gelderlandfabriek. As soon as you see them you want them, so bring enough cash with you.

You Know I Am Not There

Add Your Heading Text Here Solo Exhibition dedicated to  NICK DRAKE Stedelijk Museum Breda The Bashful performerDingeman Kuilman Studio Encouter- Julia Fidder The Dead Poet,

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