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Kunjungan Keluarga

8-13 dec 2022 ‘Kunjungan Keluarga’ Expo & Lecture JaDa ARTBRAGA, gallery Rumah Seni Ropih & Artotel BANDUNG Indonesia installatie gallery Seni Ropih

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You Know I Am Not There

Add Your Heading Text Here Solo Exhibition dedicated to  NICK DRAKE Stedelijk Museum Breda The Bashful performerDingeman Kuilman Studio Encouter- Julia Fidder The Dead Poet,

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tekening: Nóstos Álgos’ Pencil and conté on canson montval. 150 cm x 300 cm 2016 for turning panorama installation 
Gelderland Biennale 2016 edition ‘Living Giving’
For the jubilee edition of Biennale Gelderland 2016 artists created a work for a resident at locations in the city. A judge, a tailor, a refugee, they all went into conversation with an artist. Curator Hanne Hagenaars invited me.I made a work of art in one of the oldest toko’s in the Netherlands, Toko Rasasari in Arnhem.
The toko was founded in 1963 by the then 82-year-old grandmother Son, who still works there.
I found Grandma Son fascinating; she was full of optimism and lust for life, someone who always gained strength out of great difficulties in her life. Her stories were intense and not without exaggeration.
I drew up her story. I transformed her portrait, intertwined with the knowledge about (the past of) the country of birth of my father, Indonesia, back then The Dutch Indies. At toko Rasasari I made drawings installations and a risostenciled small book with Knust, Nijmegen.