Book Diamonds and Daffodils




‘Diamonds & Daffodils’ is  based on my large artproject ‘Diamonds Are Forever (D.A.F.)’ in de Hilvaria Studio’s, Hilvarenbeek, that took place from sept ‘22 – jan ‘23. In five public events drawings, films, sounds, installations, paintings, projections, sculptures and performances came together. There was an ode to the DAF and an ode to the daily ceremonies of marriage and funeral. 60 pages, full colour.
edition of 200. design and compilation: Danielle Lemaire. texts: Tineke Schuurmans and Danielle Lemaire. photography: Peter Cox, Danielle Lemaire, Rudy Klumpkens, Tineke Schuurmans, Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen. 2023. thanks to Cultuur Eindhoven

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Dimensions 21 × 29 cm